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Once upon a Dream- [25 Nov 2006|11:39am]
[ mood | Enthralled. ]

Oh wow.
It has seriously been a year since I have updated this thing.
Life has been so much fun.
Ive been hanging out with the coolest people ever.
Pretty much amazing.

Yesterday I hung out with Kayla and Heather all day. They are pretty much amazing.
Kayla and I had lunch at Noodles and she totally bought me it.
I love Kayla. Lol. We sang alot at Kayla's house.
And omgosh I love her dog.
Layde. Shes gorgeous. Im stealing her.
We also went to dinner with Bruce and Avery last night also.
It was good I guess.
HUGE Salads.
Jesu Christe.
But yeah Avery told us about all these Ghosts and "Shadow People"
It was so awesome!

Today I think Im just chillin around.
Might hang out with Kayla today.

Or something.


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Musical Theater Company Class 06' [15 Mar 2006|08:59pm]
[ mood | Toxic ]

Hey yall!
I havent entered in here in ever-
Just wanted to let you know; I will be joining you all another summer- A summer of coffee, singing, dancing, acting, broadway theater center and oh so much more.

Can't wait you guys!


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Aw Musical Theater Company [11 Dec 2005|10:08pm]
[ mood | Thinking back; Happy ]

Just found these pictures...

Enjoy :)

Read more...Collapse )

Yay memories

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Its been tooo long! [11 Dec 2005|12:16pm]
[ mood | Frustrated... ]

Okay so life is pretty crazy right now. I have school, work, rehearsles, family, and life. Christmas is coming up so thats going to be a nice break, even though I still have work during christmas, and rehearsles, hey but no school... thats pretty good even though its like one week.

Relationships kind of suck right now, I like... like 200 people, but I really only like one or two people. But, I dont know...

So theres...
Molly- Okay mollys a cool cat, and she has told me she likes me, but I dont think im like in love with her or anything, I mean like Im at a stage in my life where I need a real relationship, not some makeout fest that Molly would give me.
Sarah- Wow Sarah, Shes really awesome, and I think we should just be friends because I dont want to ruin our relationship like I ruin every other relationship I am in...
Alicia- I think that I love alicia, but we have been through so much shit in the past and lately, she is probilly the most amazing person I know... She is like... the tapanga to my cory... but I dont know if it could ever work, if she would like me right now, Id give up on everyone, everything and just love her back... I dont think thats gonna happen though
Minday- Mindy is like my best friend lately, and I thought I had feelings for her a little while ago, But... nah, I love her alot as a friend :)
Niko- Nicci likes me, but I dont like her.

Yeah so thats my relationship life.

Ill enter more stuff later, there is tooo much to talk about.

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Friends Cut [04 May 2005|10:37pm]
[ mood | Cranky; Friends cut ]

Friends Cut, Livejournal is getting WAY to personal.

If you are seeing this message

1. You were never added; Comment on this post and ill see.
2. You were kicked off of my friends list, if you think this is wrong, Comment here.
3. You're not logged in; Log in!


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