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Once upon a Dream-

Oh wow.
It has seriously been a year since I have updated this thing.
Life has been so much fun.
Ive been hanging out with the coolest people ever.
Pretty much amazing.

Yesterday I hung out with Kayla and Heather all day. They are pretty much amazing.
Kayla and I had lunch at Noodles and she totally bought me it.
I love Kayla. Lol. We sang alot at Kayla's house.
And omgosh I love her dog.
Layde. Shes gorgeous. Im stealing her.
We also went to dinner with Bruce and Avery last night also.
It was good I guess.
HUGE Salads.
Jesu Christe.
But yeah Avery told us about all these Ghosts and "Shadow People"
It was so awesome!

Today I think Im just chillin around.
Might hang out with Kayla today.

Or something.

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